the couch is moving // nuke

Niall got drunk. Why? He was sick of his shit of a life. Everything was falling down on him, and when he was drunk, he wanted to make love. Usually, he goes for Marisa. But today was odd. He wanted … Luke. Wait, Luke? Yes, Luke. He pulled out his phone and started texting him, letting out small and innocent-feeling laughs at his replies. It was obvious that he was also drunk. Why? Niall hadn’t a clue. When he heard the doorbell ring, the blonde ran over, flinging it open. “Come innnn!!” He happily giggled, letting him enter. “Couch.” Niall instructed, closing all the blinds and any other place where people could see what their doing. “That couch was moving.” He slurred, raising his eyebrows and pointing to the couch Luke was sitting on. “I am scared.”

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